Photo Page
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Team Pictures
Check out the positions. Some REALLY good and some OK (lol).

Ainsley, 1/2 twist straight


Above, Sammi getting ready for inward.

Ainsley, nice entry.

Above, Jess in pike.

Ainsley. Forward pike entry from 3 meter. 7's.

Above, Erica. Girls 10/11 3 meter tri-county champion.

You can join our team.

Above, Erin 1 1/2ss 1 twist 3 meter. 16/18 3 meter champ.

Coach Joe Asklar

High School Medal Winners. Ainsley District AAA champ. Left

Divers Ainsley and Chuck go to the Prom

Above, Erin. Girls AA high school distict champion.

Billy, 3 weeks of diving and doing forward 1 1/2 of 3 meter

I had to get my college baseball days in.

Sara Back dive pike. Lets do 3 meter, good job.

We are a proud member of US Diving.

Jessica and Kathleen

Our 14 and under team.

Erica, Sara H., Sara S. and Coach Rob