Team Stuff and Facilitites
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The Wyoming Valley West indoor pool with both 1 and 3 meter maxi flex diving boards are utilized for training. This guarentees college hopefulls a chance to learn 3 meter.

US Diving Member
We are a member of United States Diving, the largest governing body of diving in the country. We use many of the same teaching strategies and techniques Olympic divers have used through out their training. Our program is geared towards highly competititive training and recreational.

All athletes must register with United States Diving which provides you with a seconday accident insurance for all supervised practices and sanctioned events. The insurance coverage is secondary; meaning it takes effect only if your primary insurance runs out. The coachinbg staff is also US Diving Certified Instructors.
Picture of Facilitites coming soon.
The Wyoming Valley West pool. Our club team's home pool.
Team Goals
1. To provide proper physical and mental conditioning through dryland flexibility drills and strength training.

2. To teach and practice proper body alignment and body control during a dive and entry.

3. To continually develop and improve proper take off positions.

4. To continually develop and improve proper spinning and twisting techniques.

5. Develop attitudes of teamwork and sportsmanship.

6. To constantly improve dives by the use of video, lectures, demonstrations, drills, and planned workouts.