Coaching Staff
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Coach Klem and Coach Jacobs
Coach Steve and Coach Rob will be entering their fourth year at the helm of NEPA(WVW/FAST) Diving. Coach Steve is a former college athlete that chose baseball over diving but his love for diving is stronger than ever. After many attempts of coaching baseball he realized the sport was not for him to coach. In his short time period he has coached two junior olympic athletes and 1 American games national qaulifier.

Coach Rob, a former Wyoming Valley West and East Stroudsburg diver, still holds the WVW team record for 6 dives at (266). It is an old record but not written in stone (lol, haha). He is an awesome addition to the program and maybe the biggest asset to the success.

Welcome, Coach Joe Asklar
The NEPA/WVW Diving Club has recently hired another coach that will add much needed assistance in our program. His name is Joe Asklar.

Coach Joe is a teacher at Wyoming Valley West High School, where we train, and is a much needed person in our program. His back ground in mathematical and kinetic studies will add great knowledge to our program. Plus his incredible knack for connecting with athletes adds a great psychological aspect to our pragram.

Picture of coach Joe on photo page.